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A Few Things I Love

 The icons below illustrates only a small portion of the things I love and enjoy.  To find out more be sure to follow my journey.

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Visiting Atlanta?

Try one of the many Things to Do in Atlanta recommended by Do Atlanta!

 Also, be sure to stop by My Favorite Steak House in Atlanta:

Cuts Atlanta Steakhouse

60 Andrew Young International Blvd NE.
Atlanta, GA 30303

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My favorite Cut is the Cowboy Ribeye. Sauce of choice is the Green Peppercorn.  Be sure to tell Chef Donnie I said hello.


Life as a Atlanta Freelance Web Designer

Before I begin to tell you about my life as a Freelance Web Designer in Atlanta, GA, I must first tell you about my humble beginnings.  Growing up in the small South Georgia town of Americus, I was not supplied with the entertainment options of the “Big City” i.e Bowling Alleys, Shopping Malls, Professional Sport Teams, etc. so I was forced to create entertainment of my own.  My options were reading, backyard sports and gaming via Nintendo/Sega Genesis and the computer.  This is where my love for computers came into play.  Looking back on those days, I now see that it was all a hidden blessing.

In high school I took a Computer Programing course and I designed my first landing web page.  I knew from that moment, I wanted to one day own a website of my own.

I’ve been designing websites for a while now and I can truly say that I’ve evolved into the web designer I saw myself being as a kid growing up in Americus, GA.  As an Atlanta Freelance Web Designer, I am afforded many opportunities.  I’m a Lion by nature (Leo) and I feel that freelancing allows me to be that Lion; that rebel; that maverick who isn’t afraid to cross the line of conformity.

Creating websites gives me a sense of fulfillment and relaxation.  Seeing one idea develop into a full masterpiece, along with a satisfied client, as well as the contract 🙂 is a feeling like no other.

Although I’m doing my Freelance Web Design work out of Atlanta, GA, I get projects and clients from all across the U.S.  Having the opportunity to do business with people of a different nationality, race and view point is an humbling experience and it keeps me excited to see where and who my next project is going to come from.  I love what I do and I hope that you follow me through my journey as a Freelance Web Designer in Atlanta, GA.

Future Web Design Goals

My goal is to assist minority business owners with owning a website no matter what their economic status is.  I also want to instruct children (mainly underprivileged males) age 13-17  to create websites.  I feel that it is very important to give back and share the blessings and gifts that the Great Deity has bestowed upon me.

When I’m not designing websites or exploring new technologies, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and playing the drum set.  I’m a huge music lover and  I truly believe that music is indeed an universal healer.  Try it – Listen to your favorite music and watch stress take the backseat.  I’m not saying that your problems will go away but you will come back regenerated, renewed, refreshed and in a more positive state of mind.  I am also a huge Dallas Cowboys Fan!

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