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Search Engine Optimization

A very critical step DURING and AFTER your website design process is to make sure that it “friendly” enough for Search Engines and to be sure that your site is noticed on an ongoing bases.  This can be done by a process called Search Engine optimization, also know as SEO.  SEO will help you explode your sales, dominate your competition and get superior sales results just to name a few.  As a Freelance Web Designer, continue reading to find out how I can optimize your website so your potential customers can find you in the World Wide Web.

What does SEO do for my website?

The focus of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simple.  In plain terms, SEO means getting your website listed on the first few pages of search engines when someone is searching for your product or service online.  Once your website is listed, the work is just beginning.  You have to be sure that your website is maintained and current.  If your website is stagnant for to long, you will lose ranking in search engines which means you lose business.

SEO services a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Many Search engine optimization professionals will tell you that they can get your site ranked #1 in 1 day, however once you hear this non sense you need to run for the hills.  The truth is many search engines take weeks, even months to index and crawl your website so that it will show up organically on the first page.  One option that you have is using PPC campaigns to gain more traffic to your website.

Search engines display Pay Per Click ads as sponsored listings when people search for specific key words in search engines.  With Pay Per Click, you tell the search engine providers how much you are willing to pay for each visitor to your website, from 5 cents on up.    Its just that simple.

My Atlanta SEO Services Include:


  • SEO Analysis, SEO Planning and SEO Recommendations


  • Keyword Search


  • Fixing What’s Broken


  • Monitoring Your Website
  • SEO Market Comparison